Best Wireless Trail Camera

Best Wireless Trail Camera: Hunting Made Easier with These Three Models

In the past, hunting was something reserved for those with great instincts, as cameras and other technological devices didn’t exist. However, this also meant that many sportsmen and women would spend their time in the outdoors only to come home empty-handed. In today’s day and age, more people are able to rely on phenomenal technology that can help you to bring in the biggest haul you’ve ever experienced.

With the help of the best wireless trail camera, you’ll finally have the ability to see all of the animals that are available for you to hunt  on your land. There are also plenty of other uses for trail cameras, such as staying apprised of activity near your campsite as an additional security feature.

When you’re in the market for the best wireless trail camera, consider these three models.

Browning Strike Force HD Camera


  • 67 second trigger time
  • five seconds to two minutes of audio recording
  • HD video recording
  • requires six AA batteries
  • 100 ft. of Flash
  • integrated Browning Buck Watch Viewer software


  • Triggers on any movement for easy video capturing: When it comes to using the best trail camera, it’s important that the trigger offers easy and simple capturing so you are aware of the latest movements on your land. The Browning Strike Force HD Camera offers a 0.67 second trigger time, meaning the camera will be turned on in less than a second of any detected movement.
  • Great trigger distance: When it comes to capturing movement on your property, the Browning Strike Force HD Camera offers a great trigger distance where it will capture movement much further away than other competing brands, such as the Primos Ultra 35.
  • Wide angle video and photodetection: Another benefit of this particular trail camera is it helps you to capture video and images at a wide angle, giving you a better view of the property to see any animals in the immediate area.


  • Is not enabled to take photos and videos simultaneously: Unfortunately, the Browning Strike Force HD Camera does not take photos and videos at the same time. Instead, the device allows you to toggle from one function to the other.
  • Does not have a built-in battery life indicator: Another missing feature that can cause difficulties is the lack of a built-in battery life indicator. If you’re frequently using the trail camera, you’ll just have to keep an eye on how long you’ve been using the same batteries and hope it doesn’t die mid-hunting.

Bestguarder HD Trail Camera


  • two to twelve megapixel video capturing
  • 60 second trigger
  • 1080p HD video capturing
  • five to 90 second audio capturing
  • IR and LED photo and video capturing
  • four capturing modes
  • waterproof design
  • moon phase indicator
  • temperature indicator
  • date and time stamps
  • barometric pressure readings
  • GPS geotag information


  • Allows you to track important information: One of the largest benefits of the Bestguarder HD Trail Camera is it allows you to track all of the most important information you need to know for the best hunting conditions and places. For example, being able to track the GPS location, moon phases, and temperature will let you know when the ideal time is to hunt specific animals.
  • Superior image and video quality: When compared to other trail cameras, the Bestguarder HD Trail Camera allows you to look at HD videos and pictures which makes it easy to see specific features of the game you’re hunting. It also takes color and black and white images depending on the time of day.
  • Easy to install and setup: Instead of spending a long time trying to figure your trail camera out, this particular model is easy to setup and install in under five minutes, even if you’ve never used a trail camera in the past.


  • Only works with 16 or 32 GB memory cards: Unfortunately, the Bestguarder HD Trail Camera is only compatible with 16 or 32 GB memory cards, which can make it difficult to capture a lot of images and videos over a long period of time. If you’re heading out for the weekend, it’s best if you bring some type of device where you can download your captured data and wipe the card.
  • Instructions are difficult to understand: Setting the camera up is easy, but if you find that you need to troubleshoot any problems (such as the camera being stuck in motion sensor mode), it will be difficult to turn to the instructions as they aren’t very thorough or easy to understand.

VENLIFE Trail Camera


  • 12 megapixel color images
  • 1080p HD photos and images
  • 65’ detection range
  • CMOS Sensor for Low Lighting
  • five capture modes: photo and video, photo, video, time lapse, and burst
  • up to ten months of operating in “standby” mode
  • included waterproof and dustproof casing
  • password protection
  • wireless remote control
  • two-inch LCD screen


  • Easy User Interface: If you’ve never had the pleasure of using a trail camera before, you’ll love the VENLIFE Trail Camera, as the two-inch LCD screen makes it easy to work with the settings and customize how you use the device.
  • Doesn’t use a substantial amount of battery power: Instead of having to worry about recharging your batteries every day or constantly buying new ones, this trail camera uses very little battery power but still provides crisp and clear quality images and videos.
  • Laser guided setup: Another interesting advantage to the VENLIFE Trail Camera is it is designed for an easy setup. The laser-guided technology helps you to see exactly where the camera is pointing to ensure you capture the right images.


  • Does not work with traditional SD cards: Unlike the majority of other trail cameras, the VENLIFE Trail Camera isn’t compatible with traditional SD cards, meaning you’ll have to purchase an adapter or find Micro SD or TF cards.

What is the Best Wireless Trail Camera?

There is a perfect trail camera for every type of hunter or anyone who is curious about animal activity on their property. Each of the cameras on this list is beneficial for their own reasons, and choosing the best wireless trail camera is up to personal preference.

The Browning Strike Force HD Camera is a great model for the everyday hunter that wants to capture absolutely everything, regardless of its size or its distance from the camera. However, it does lack a couple of features such as a battery life indicator and the ability to take photos and videos at the same time, unlike the Bestguarder HD Trail Camera.

If you’re looking for a model that offers an onslaught of features, the Bestguarder HD Trail Camera is the one for you as you can record an endless amount of important information (temperature, GPS location, barometer readings, etc.) and it is quite simple to set up. With that being said, it’s also important to note that this design doesn’t offer an ample amount of storage space for videos and photos.

As for the VENLIFE Trail Camera, it incorporates all of the advantages of the first two models such as an easy-to-use user interface, easy installation (laser guided setup), and a variety of great features. However, you will need to purchase specific SD cards for the device, as the traditional varieties are incompatible.


With the help of a trail camera, hunting game has never been easier. Instead of spending hours looking for animals on your property, you can rely on this convenient technology to do the majority of scouting work for you.

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