Bushnell Hybrid Trail Camera Review

Bushnell Hybrid Trail Camera Review

Hunting is much more complex than it appears. One needs resources, time and skill to determine the location of game wildlife species.

So, a trail camera could make everything easier. Such an item can help you to analyze the main areas where you are prone to find game. This means that you won’t spend any of your precious time looking for game animals in the wrong places.

Plus, a trail camera is a useful investment for supervising animal behaviors, when they are more likely to go out, sleep, and other equally significant details.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam

That being said, today I will present to you my review for Bushnell 8MP Hybrid Trail Camera. It is a powerful and versatile tool that will dramatically change your hunting experience.

About The Product

You can anticipate getting a lot of usage out of this gadget. If I were to analyze the cost vs. performance equation, I could say that this item is well worth the price.

The following features will definitely convince you.

  • Picture Quality - It comes with 8MP resolution, which will give you crisp and clear images. Additionally, you could also choose to capture images of 3MP or 5MP, which, of course, occupy less space on the card. Although the pictures won’t seem shot by a professional, they are useful
  • Video Quality - The quality of the video is also decent. Hence, your videos will serve their purpose
  • Trigger Speed - I think that the trigger speed is one of the most significant features you should look for in a camera
  • Ease of use - The camera’s layout makes it easy to use, even for the inexperienced user
  • Battery life - It lasts up to one year
  • Night Vision Flash - This ensures that nighttime pictures are usable and high-quality
  • GPS Geotag
  • Weatherproof
  • PIR Sensor: You can choose from automatic, low, medium and high

The Results

The design of this product makes it look professional and well-developed. The use of dark brown is great as it makes the camera easy to disguise for security or trail hunting. That means it will imminently blend into any environment without attracting unwanted attention. As for the casing, it features a loop in the back. So, you can place it wherever you need.

That means it will imminently blend into any environment without attracting unwanted attention. As for the casing, it features a loop in the back. So, you can place it wherever you need.

Camera Tied With Camera Strap On Tree

I would say that this product is targeted for intermediate or advanced users. Without a doubt, advanced users will know how to benefit most from the attractive set of features.

Still, is it suitable for beginners? Even though it is not created exclusively for rookie users, the gadget is helpful, particularly for trail hunting. Additionally, it works great for securing your property or home.

Simply put, if you are eager to learn how to use it, you’ll do it in no time: I have no doubt about that. Moving on to durability, it ranks high in this department. Bushnell had to invest in this direction in order to protect the expensive components on the inside.

Even if something does knock the camera down, it won’t fly to the opposite side of the forest. Unpleasant weather doesn’t seem to be a problem, which is a great feature to depend on, particularly when you purchase a pricier gadget.

What Other People Say

As noted by most customers, this is a durable, well-made item that is made to last. Many clients are happy with the good picture quality, the rugged construction, and the easy setup.

On the other hand, some consumers complained about the quality of the nighttime pictures, which aren’t as good as daytime captures.

Nevertheless, on the whole, the nice combination of features has won over most clients.

What We Like

For starters, I like the fact that this camera is capable of taking up to three captures per trigger. Secondly, the full HD video featuring audio is excellent for observing wildlife behavioral details you cannot see in photographs.

Bushnell 8MP Caught Reindeer

As for the length of the video, you can program it, depending on the space you have left on the card.

The hybrid capture mode is just as useful. It allows you to record videos and take pictures simultaneously. This is a unique characteristic for the Bushnell devices.

We also noticed that the batteries hold up to one full year, which is quite convenient.

Additionally, each picture includes information regarding time, date, moon phase and temperature. Although it may not seem like it, such details are valuable if you want to determine patterns in the animals’ behaviors.

What We Don’t Like

The price could make this gadget out of range for the typical customer. Nevertheless, this couldn’t be conveyed as a disadvantage.

Still, a drawback would be that you have to get high-quality, pricey batteries in order for the battery life to hold up.

Choosing a general set of batteries will determine the power to dissipate sooner than expected.

Another problem is that when it’s rainy outside, the lens gets fogged up. Nevertheless, this happened only in the case of heavy rain, so it wasn’t a common occurrence.

Buying Advice

The Bushnell 8MP Hybrid Trail Camera is a mid-range priced camera that will exceed the expectations of most hunters.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam

Source: Bushnell.com

Amazon offers free shipping and attractive deals and offers now and then. For under $500, we would say that this camera delivers satisfactory results.

Apart from that, the item is accompanied by a one-year warranty. I advise you to check the offers on their official website, as well.

Final Thoughts

Being fully featured and powerful, this product offers fantastic value. It has everything you need for capturing HD videos and photos. The design makes it fit for both outdoor and indoor use. So, it’s a versatile acquisition.

Nevertheless, the 8MP resolution could become a bit outdated in the foreseeable future, considering the ever-changing industry standards.

Despite this fact, this camera will meet your needs for the upcoming years. It is durable, well-made, and it is prone to stand the test of time.

It is definitely a fine product that deserves the excellent reviews it had received. It’ll perform up to specs: that’s for sure!

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