Campark Trail Camera Review

Campark Trail Camera Review

Have you been dealing with strange activity around your home and are curious as to what it could be? Perhaps you’re setting up a hunting spot, and you want constant surveillance to see game activity in your area. Trail cameras have many purposes, but at the end of the day, they allow you to have a clear view of everything happening around you, much like a traditional CCTV system.

The Campark Trail Camera is a unique device, as it offers high-quality video and image capturing, fast trigger speeds, and a low-profile design to help you capture any animal or human activity around your home and hunting grounds. Be sure to use this review to learn about its features, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as its performance when compared to other trail cameras on the market.


  • 1080p video and 12MP image capturing
  • Fast trigger speed
  • 22-meter trigger distance
  • 42 low-glow infrared LED flash
  • Two-inch LCD screen
  • 120-degree detection
  • Eight months of standby time
  • Ip56 waterproof configuration


  • Automatic “low power” feature helps to capture images even with low battery life: The Campark Trail Camera has an integrated “low power” feature that helps the device work to continue capturing daytime images even when the batteries have little to no power. What this feature does is it disables the camera from taking nighttime photos and videos, due to the fact that powering the LED infrared flash takes a lot of battery power.
  • 90% trigger reliability at 60+ feet: The Campark Trail Camera isn’t perfect at triggering every single animal that walks across its path, but it does offer 90% reliability at 60+ feet. Once animals are around 90 feet away from the camera, the reliability goes down to 15%, but it is quite reliable at catching a relatively distant game.
  • Compact and lightweight design for an easy setup experience: When compared to other high-end cameras, such as Bushnell cameras, the Campark Trail Camera is lightweight, which makes it much easier to secure and set up around your campsite or home. You also won’t have to worry about heavy-duty rigging in an effort to prevent the camera from falling.
  • High-quality pictures in both daytime and nighttime settings: The largest advantage to this particular trail camera is it offers high-quality pictures and videos during the night and day. This is especially important for people who want to review specific details of the game on their property so they can mark their targets effectively.


  • Requires Micro SD cards: Although there are plenty of people who prefer Micro SD cards over standard SD cards, they’re smaller and more difficult to manage, especially in the winter. You might find you’ll have to fidget with the smaller SD card in the cold, which can be seemingly impossible with cold hands.
  • Five-second photo and video recovery time: Another concern that you may experience with the Campark Trail Camera is its five-second recovery time, whereas other high-end models, such as Bushnell trail cameras, only have a one-second recovery time. This means that after every photo or video, the camera needs about five seconds to cool down before taking the next image.


  • Fast Trigger Speed: With the help of a fast trigger speed, images will be captured instantaneously once the game walks across the camera’s path. It does have a five-second cooldown period, but once this period is over, all activity will easily be captured.
  • 42 Low-Glow Infrared LED Flash: In some trail cameras, LED flash can work against the design, but with the Campark Trail Camera, it only helps to create clearer images at night. The 42 low-glow infrared LED flash gives you the ability to see further and capture fine details of the game without startling them and forcing animals to flee.
  • 120 Degree Detection: The 120-degree detection is essential for individuals who want to capture a larger area, instead of a linear trail. This wide-angle detection system helps you to see 120 degrees around the target area, helping you to capture activity that you otherwise would have missed with other trail cameras.
  • IP56 Waterproof Configuration: Every trail camera should offer some type of waterproofing. Otherwise, you’ll have to uninstall and reinstall the device every time you enter and leave a site. The IP56 waterproof configuration helps the Campark Trail Camera stand against rain, sleet, snow, and any other torrential weather events.


It can be difficult to choose between one trail camera and another, but the Campark Trail Camera is tough competition, even when compared to more high-end brands. The most important things to think about are its image quality, design, and detection capabilities.

  • Image Quality: With the ability to capture photos and videos in true 1080p resolution, you’ll have access to superior HD photographs and video files that you can review on your smartphone or computer. However, this doesn’t compare to other trail cameras that offer 4K resolutions, but the Campark Trail Camera stands out against other HD varieties in terms of clarity.
  • Design: Everything about the Campark Trail Camera shows that it’s easy to install and use, even for first-time trail camera owners. It is lightweight and compact, has a two-inch LCD screen to customize your settings, and can even be password protected to prevent any data from being stolen from the device.
  • Detection Capabilities: It’s safe to say that with a 90% trigger percentage at 60+ feet, this particular trail camera offers phenomenal detection capabilities. It also has the integrated low-light LED flash to help brighten necessary areas without alerting any nearby animals, which is essential for catching small and big games.


Overall, the Campark Trail Camera is one of the strongest cameras on the market that you can install around your hunting site, campsite, or even your backyard. It boasts an assortment of important features but above all else, helps you to capture crisp and stunning pictures and videos in both day and night settings.

No matter if you’re planning your hunting route, or simply curious about an animal that’s been getting into your trash in your backyard, it’s versatile, easy to use, and incredibly reliable.

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