How To Hide Trail Camera

How To Hide A Trail Camera

It is extremely important to hide a trail camera so that it is hidden from the view of  thieves and you can use it for a long time. But the million dollar question is how this is to be done.  There are different suggestions because landscape to hide the camera may vary from one option to other so the idea of placing a camera will be ever changing depending on the premise.

But there are some general suggestions, which regardless the nature of landscape will help you to decide the position of your trail cameras. Read here top tips about how to hide a trail camera, which are collected from real life experiences form the users.

Keep it away from heavy traffic area

It is indeed true that you have settled for a trail camera because you want to keep a designated area under digital surveillance. But if you fix it is a heavy traffic area your camera will be active more, and chance is there that it will be spotted faster than its discrete position. It is commonly suggested that you must fix your camera at least 20-25 feet away from the heavy traffic area of your premise.

Go for a smaller version

Don’t go for bigger size when you have decided to hide a trail camera. It is easier to hide a small camera as you can easily utilize the advantage of small sized gadget while keeping it away from other’s site.

Therefore, it is wise to go for the small sized trail cameras because these smaller ones are easy to hide. While buying the models, check for quite models, which run smoothly. Noiseless operation of trail cameras helps the gadgets to stay unnoticed for longer time.

Fix them at higher position

In order to hide the camera you need to put it in higher position than usual.  A general notion of the users is to fix it in chest level where it is better to get ground view as well as it is easier to maintain the same. But fixing the gadget at chest level can make it more detectable. Trespassers and thieves check a premise at its eye level; therefore the best plan is to fix it above the eye level.

Now you may be at fix how to reach at that higher positron for fixing the camera. You can use a stepladder and take the attempt to fix your trail camera at least abode 20 feet from the ground.

Off the flash light option

The flash light option is no doubt good for taking snap but it attracts the view of the trespassers in your premise, regardless it is deer or a thief. There is option for using black flash or there is option for using white flash too. Putting off the flash light is a great way to keep the trail camera hidden to a large extent.

However, you need to keep the lens clean so that the lens vision remains perfect for taking quality image. You need to check it in a stipulated interval especially in the fall or rainy season.

Put it in snapshot version

The trail camera can be used either in video shop version or in snapshot version. Video version will light focus whereas the snap version will use a flicker of flash only. Continuous focus, especially at night, can be a clue to find the camera whereas the flicker ill get mostly overlooked for its tiny occurrence. It is always better to install it at snap mode.

Arrange for strong support

In order to keep it well and safely hidden, you should provide the camera a string support. If your option is to hide it in wilderness, a strong stem is a better option for mounting it rather than fixing it on sub trucks area. The main truck can withstand the violence of wind but there is a fair chance that during storm, a sub truck may get broken.

Alternatively, thieves show a general tendency to check the sub trunks for finding their target trail cameras. Putting it on main truck and keeping it hidden in vines can be a unique way to hide it.

Put it under best possible camouflage

Putting the camera under camouflage is one of the best old tricks of hiding it with better effect. You can hide a trail camera in the midst of green leaves or in the background of woody trunks where some vines are already grown. Or else you can fix the camera on such a truck where there is a growth of a tree with leafy head.  This position may look messy at the first instance, but in terms of hiding the camera, this is one of the best outdoor arrangements you can do.

Mount the camera instead of strapping it

Strapping the trail camera is perhaps the easier option for fixing it but it is not a good option for keeping it hidden. Instead, you can mount the camera.  This will be better for getting the view for the lens as well as it will be unexpected for thieves to locate a mounted camera. The visibility of the camera due to belt will not be here as well as the camera will get 360 degree view to keep a wide area under digital surveillance.

These are some of the most efficient tips to keep a trail camera hidden at your best advantage. Landscape nature and installation preference may vary to a large extent for a user, however, by following these tips you can keep your trail camera safe and active for long.

It is a sheer fact that there is no formula of deciding how to hide a trail camera because it is always a dynamic plan. Depending on the available landscape you have to plan it, which will offer you best advantage out o your camera installation. However, you can seek an expert’s consultation in installing the trail camera where your purpose of watching will be served and the camera will be placed safely.

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