Trail Camera Brands‌: A Brief History

Trail Camera Brands‌: A Brief History

Before the emergence of the different trail camera brands in the market, it is said that the first trail camera was used in the 1800’s. Photographers used to put big box cameras on trip wires to take pictures of wild animals in their natural habitat. Of course, these cameras do not take a lot of photos like our modern trail cameras, but they take pictures that are good enough to be published.

By the 1950’s wildlife photographers started using 35mm cameras which took more photos and by the 80’s and 90’s, a motion detection feature was added. Then, as the years went by, the trail camera has improved immensely. Today, trail cameras have a lot of modern features such as time-lapse, night vision, and so on. Finally, these cameras are not only able to take great quality photos, but also high definition videos.

Game Animals: The Most Hunted

To some people, hunting is a passion. Many may not understand why people hunt but as long as these hunters follow the law with regard to hunting, then they should be fine. Here are the most hunted game animals in North America.


  • Caribou, also known as the reindeer, is a species of deer with a circumpolar distribution. These animals are native to the Arctic, subarctic, tundra, boreal and the mountainous parts of Northern Europe, North America, and Siberia. They commonly weigh 400 pounds.

Wild Boar

  • Wild boars are some of the most difficult animals to hunt. These animals are powerful, large and have tusks that can cause serious damages.

Rocky Mountain Elk

  • This game animal is typically found in the winter ranges, and during the summer, it migrates to subalpine forests and alpine basins. This animal is actually extinct because of overhunting and destruction of their natural habitats. They normally weigh up to 700 pounds.


  • This animal is also known as the mountain lion, panther, catamount or puma. They are the second heaviest feline in the world. The cougar is secretive and mostly solitary. They also avoid people most of the time; therefore, they are not easy to find.

Grizzly Bear

  • Scientists call this bear the North American Brown Bear. These animals are more aggressive than black bears, and they can weigh up to 800 pounds. Adult grizzly bears are powerful and large, so they can easily take down anyone. They are often found near rivers and lakes because they love to eat salmon.

Canada Moose

  • The moose is the largest species in the deer family. They are frequently seven feet tall and can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. Even though these animals are slow, they can be aggressive during mating season.


  • The pronghorn is the quickest animal in the western hemisphere and can outrun a cheetah. Although they are not an antelope, they are sometimes called American antelope, prairie antelope or simply antelope.

Bighorn Sheep

  • The bighorn sheep is one heavy animal because their horns can weigh up to 30 lbs and they can weigh up to 300 lbs. They are commonly found in the desert landscape of the American Southwest, and other subspecies tend to stay in the mountains.


  • The bison is the biggest land animal in North America. They were once close to extinction; however, they have repopulated and now off of the Protected Species List. Bisons are temperamental and can attack without any warning. Moreover, they can weigh up to 2000 pounds and run at speeds of up to 30 mph.

White-tailed Deer

  • This animal is abundant in the east and west of the Rocky Mountains. They are one of the most favorite harvests of North American hunters. The white-tailed deer can weigh up to 300 pounds.

Trail Camera Brands: The Most Popular in the Market

Since the most hunted game animals in North America were already mentioned, it is good to scout for them using a good quality trail camera. Below, we are listing some of the most popular trail camera brands.

Bushnell Aggressor Red-Glow

  • This trail camera is a solidly built camera with tons of great features. Because of its detection range that can reach up to 110 feet, the Bushnell Aggressor Red-Glow takes pictures that more than a usual trail camera. Moreover, it takes clear photos even at night.

Reconyx HC600

  • Although this camera does not shoot videos, it is one of the best trail cameras around. It has a superb durability, detection range, and battery life. Furthermore, it’s manufacturer provides support even if your camera gets damaged outside of its warranty period.

Spypoint Force 10

  • Although not as fast as the 11D, this trail camera’s trigger speed of 0.32 seconds is still one of the fastest in the market. The camera is able to take clear photos day and night. The only flaw it has is it’s not as durable as its high-end counterparts.

Browning Recon Force Platinum

  • With its trigger speed of 0.2 seconds and recovery time of 0.5 seconds, it is one of the fastest trail cameras around. Furthermore, it snaps several photos once the camera gets triggered.

Spypoint Force 11D

  • This trail camera features a quick trigger time of 0.32 seconds and a recovery time of 0.5 seconds. Moreover, it is able to shoot quality photos day and night. Some of its flaws are its durability and design.

Browning Strike Force Elite

  • This trail camera is solidly built and compact. It is able to take quality photos and videos; however, it does not have a playback option. The only flaw we see is that it’s a little tough to open.


Trail cameras are now a part of the game plan of any modern hunter. The trail camera brands we mentioned are some of the most popular in the market because of their trigger speeds and the quality of photos they take. Some of them may not be as durable as the other high-end brands, but they do the tasks they are designed to do. Therefore, these cameras will not disappoint you because they are already known to be good brands.

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