Trail Camera MAXFUL Hunting Game Camera with Infrared Night Version, 2.4-inch LCD Screen, PIR Sensors, IP54 Spray Water Protected Design Review

Trail Camera MAXFUL Hunting Game Camera with Infrared Night Version Review

A trail game camera is an invaluable hunting tool which allows you to understand patterns in game movement. It is an incredible device that not only helps you to scout an area for gaming but also monitor an area for security reasons.

The modern trail camera market boasts an impressive array of different brands and models sporting near identical features. If you want a taste of quality packed in a spectrum of nifty features, MAXFUL hunting game camera is an excellent choice.

This is a magnificent 720p game wildlife camera which delivers superb results in game scouting. It is the newest version of MAXFUL hunting game camera featuring infrared night lighting, IP54 waterproof design, a 2.4-inch LCD screen, and other great features.


Multiple function

If you are in the market for a reliable camera, look no further. This is the perfect trail camera for any avid hunter—thanks to its multiple functions which include password protection, timer, time lapse, multi-shot, serial, time stamp, and a notification alarm for low battery power.

The wide variety of functionality makes it easy to personalize and customize the camera to your ideal settings. It gives you a host of options to scout your target game area.

Numerous capture mode

With, the MAXFUL hunting game camera you will be spoilt for choice in terms of the capture mode. It presents five capture modes which include; video, photo, Photo + video, motion detection, and time lapse.

Regardless of the selected mode, this camera performs to satisfaction. The photo + video mode is the most fascinating; it captures images before recording a breathtaking video. It takes high-quality images and video regardless of the light condition.

Powerful camera

The best trail camera should deliver crisper images. The quality of the images is solely hinged on the resolution of the camera and is measured in megapixels (MP).

The MAXFUL hunting game camera features a 2.0MP CMOS sensor designed to provide a 600 angle of detection. In addition, the unique sensor boosts the camera’s response time.

Moreover, the powerful sensor is backed by an infrared (IR) flash (no glow back), and the built-in 26pcs LED for superior (50 ft.) nighttime vision. It also features an auto infrared filter efficiency of one meter to infinite at daytime, and 3-15 meters at night time.

Additionally, the camera has an 8MP full-color resolution and is capable of recording 720p HD video with audio capabilities. Its trigger speed is sufficient at 1.0 seconds and is capable of taking crispy clear shots regardless of the time of the day or night.

Long battery life

Battery life is of paramount importance to any hunter. The last thing you would want to experience is your camera running out of power at the peak of your scouting. The MAXFUL hunting game camera is designed to utilize 8AA batteries.

It is capable of operating consistently in standby mode for not less than six months using the AA batteries. Besides, the camera has well-crafted features which do not consume a lot of the battery power. The camera can also be hooked to an external power source for better performance.

Camouflage case

Another great feature is the exquisitely designed camouflage case. The well-built case is highly durable, IP54 waterproof and dustproof. It offers optimal protection to the camera and enables it to endure the harsh weather conditions.


  • Has longer battery life
  • Durable, IP54 waterproof case
  • Features numerous capture modes
  • Has multiple functions
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with a satisfaction warranty
  • Has a unique 2.o MP CMOS sensor


  • Sometimes the sensor can be a problem
  • Inability to read SD card


The MAXFUL hunting game camera is a hassle-free gear that is easy to set up. The camera has a commendable suite of features which combine well to deliver desired results. It takes clear pictures and is capable of recording stunning videos thanks to its high resolution.

Also, its battery life is incredibly helpful, especially when scouting your game for long. Besides, the device is waterproof, and it survives the harsh temperatures in the wood. Moreover, its long strap makes it easy to attach at the most convenient and strategic position.

The camera can be used to scout your game or monitor your backyard. If you suspect unfriendly animals are coming to your backyard at night, the camera will help you to catch them. It features a night vision which enables it to capture clear images at night.


One close competitor to the MAXFUL hunting game camera is the Stealth Cam STC. If you give the two models a closer look you will realize, the MAXFUL camera is the epitome of a reasonably priced quality trail camera. Both models compete favorably in terms of battery life, camera range, and durability.

However, the Stealth model exhibits its superiority with its 12 IR emitters, ability to stamp date, time and moon phase. On the other hand, the MAXFUL emerges as the winner for various reasons which include;

  • It features numerous capture mode which means you can gather information in various ways.
  • At 8MP, the camera is capable of taking crispy clear images.
  • The camera utilizes a CMOS sensor and provide a wide angle of detection
  • It has more functions compared to the Stealth model.
  • It features a durable, well designed, camouflage case.
  • Its trigger rate is incredibly fast.

Based on the comparison, you will not be forgiven to hesitate to buy the MAXFUL hunting game camera. It provides the best value at its price and features some functionality only found on high-end cameras.


A good trail camera should be easy to setup and use. Besides, the camera should come with excellent features that will enable it to capture quality images and record stunning videos.

The MAXFUL hunting game camera possesses all these qualities. Therefore, it qualifies as one of the best trail cameras.

The camera is built to endure the not so ideal weather condition and is highly durable. It is designed to support your passion for hunting and help you to genuinely enjoy photography.

The camera is incredibly flexible and gives you the freedom to use it in a number of ways. Putting price and performance to balance, you realize MAXFUL hunting game camera is a clear winner in its class.

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