Wild Game Innovations Trail Camera Review

Wild Game Innovations Trail Camera Review

Each hunter acknowledges the importance of owning an excellent trail camera. This is an essential tool that could make their hunting quests successful.

It offers you crucial information concerning your game’s behavioral patterns. Plus, observing wildlife species is fun and educational.

For that reason, it is critical to choose the right product that serves these purposes. Today I will review an item that qualifies as a fully developed alternative – the Wild Game Innovations Trail Camera.

Wild Game Innovations 360 Camera

Keep on reading to get acquainted with its fundamental characteristics: pros and cons, and other buying information!

About The Product

This product is a fine example of practicality and innovation. That’s why it is one of the most popular hunting cameras on the market.

The following characteristics are worth noting, in this respect:

  • 360° Image and Video Capture - This camera offers a complete coverage. Thanks to this feature, you could analyze even the smallest details in your environment. Whenever it senses motion, the camera will snap a shot
  • 12 MP Resolution - High-quality images are just as important. Happily, the 12MP resolution provides that
  • Excellent Camouflage - This camera’s design is meant to blend excellently with its surroundings so that wildlife species don’t detect it
  • T-post mounting bracket - This piece enables you to secure the camera in place on the desired spot
  • Daytime and nighttime photo and video capture modes - From my experience, this camera is one of the best items featuring great daytime and nighttime capture modes. Being equipped with a 36-LED flash, it has the ability of illuminating animals from a 70 ft. distance
  • Fast trigger speed - The 1.5-second trigger speed facilitates the camera to take a picture or video immediately after it senses motion

The Results

Not only that this gadget is a capable game camera, but it works well as a surveillance camera. That’s because you can install it on places such as telephone poles or trees and capture images or videos round the clock.

At nighttime, this camera takes excellent pictures, without a noticeable flash that could drive animals away. If you mount the camera high enough, there are no limits to what you’ll capture in your pictures.

8 AA batteries will last up to six months. While the life could be short in comparison to other cameras, it is still decent, considering what this camera can do in an open field. Also, if you choose a 32 GB SD, you won’t need to worry about the overwriting of current videos and pictures.

Wild Game Innovations 360 Camera Display

The case is rather tough and water resistant. Still, the durability feature could be enhanced. I noted that the durability is average: we don’t know how many bad winters it could withstand with brio.

This camera is recommended for all levels, which is one of the many things I like about it. As for the initial setup process, it isn’t confusing.

Additionally, the device provides an advanced function that doesn’t necessitate previous knowledge or experience. The instruction manual is really helpful and easy to comprehend for all levels.

I also find that the cost is rather low for what the camera does offer.

What Other People Say

It seems that many people select this product in order to monitor large portions of land. Most customers are pleased with the quality of the pictures. Additionally, the extensive coverage is a unique advantage.

Nevertheless, some clients complained about the mounting and adjusting the gadget. Furthermore, the video quality is a bit inferior to that of other cameras. Even so, it is still high definition. All things considered, the consensus is that this camera is a recommendable purchase.

What We Like

Possibly the first thing to like about this camera is its capability of taking 360-degree photos. Secondly, it is water resistant, which means you don’t need to worry about mounting it in rough areas.

The battery life is excellent. Plus, the camera doesn’t feature any effects that could drive away game species.

Two Reindeers Caught On Wild Game Innovations 360 Camera

This maximizes the prospect of having a successful hunt. In the same respect, when it rotates, the camera doesn’t make noise.

Also, the camouflage design makes it challenging for animals to determine the presence of the camera.

What We Don’t Like

Moving on to drawbacks, I don’t like that the camera isn’t equipped with a lock. In other words, you cannot lock the camera. Since you locate it out in the open, such a feature could have been useful.

Secondly, the sensor isn’t as quick as expected. As for the highest sensitivity, the motion sensor happens to select false positives. That means the camera could capture shots of moving grass blown by the wind.

Thirdly, keep in mind that it’s a lightweight camera. So, if you don’t mount it properly, the wind could shake it off. Perhaps the construction should be more durable.

As for the video resolution, it is 720p, irrespective of the 12MP camera resolution. So, you’ll notice a difference between the quality of the pictures and the one in the videos. Apart from that, the maximum length of the video is 30 seconds. Plus, the video format is AVI, and I noticed a lot of errors.

Buying Advice

This is an excellent choice of product, especially for the buck. For under $200, you can depend on a useful and innovative camera.

Wild Game Innovations 360 Camera On White Background

Source: Wildgameinnovations.com

Being one of the few products on the market that feature a 360-degree design, it offers good value for the money.

I’ve noticed that Amazon offers a bunch of attractive discounts plus free shipping. The company’s official website is worth checking as well.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, I could say that there aren’t many 360-degree high-quality cameras to choose from. That being said, in comparison to other competitive products, this one receives a high ranking from me.

It is a product I wholeheartedly recommend, particularly if you need a complete field of view.

Numerous clients have replaced their traditional game cameras with this product. So, it has earned a significant spot in the marketplace. Still, the manufacturer could work at enhancing the durability and the safety feature.

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