TEC.BEAN Trail Camera: A Review

TEC.BEAN Trail Camera: A Review

There was a previous DNR study indicating that 36% of deer hunters use a trail camera to scout for deer. As the use of trail cameras when hunting is becoming popular, more brands are coming up with cameras with more upgraded features. Thus, you might be overwhelmed once you start scouting for a trail camera. However, you only need to know a few things so you can choose the right trail camera.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Trail Camera

  • Resolution – The bigger the resolution of the camera, the better it is. That is because a camera that takes a 10-megapixel picture will have more details than a five-megapixel one. Aside from the resolution, the lens the camera has needs to be checked as well. So, make sure to test the camera before buying it to check the clarity and color of the picture it takes.
  • Trigger Speed – The trigger speed is the time it takes for the camera to take the photo or video once it detects movement. Some animals move really fast that’s why it is important to have a quick trigger speed. You don’t want to be seeing just half of the animal’s body because it took a while for your trail camera to capture it.
  • Flash Type – Some animals react differently to flash but to make sure you won’t be scaring them away, it is imperative to use a camera that has an infrared flash. Aside from not scaring animals away, another great reason why you need an infrared flash is that it uses less battery power.
  • Battery Life – The battery life will determine how many times you would need to check on your camera. Some camera brands claim that their batteries will last up to six months, but they didn’t. Therefore, make sure to purchase a trail camera that would live up to its claims.
  • Detection Zone – The detection zone is the area where the camera detects movement. So, a bigger detection zone is definitely better because once your camera detects movement, it will start to prepare taking pictures.

Of course, there are more features a trail camera can have to make it better. The ones mentioned above are just the basic things you need to know so you can purchase a good quality trail camera. Moreover, a trail camera brand is discussed in detail below to assist you more.

TEC.BEAN Trail Camera


  • This trail camera can take 12-megapixel photos and 1080p HD video with sound recording.
  • It has a 0.6-0.8 second trigger speed, and each trigger takes one to nine photos.
  • The camera has a 36-piece IR LED that allows you to take colored photos during the day and black-and-white photos at night.
  • The TEC.BEAN Trail Camera has a patented motion freeze technology for reptile and amphibian surveillance.
  • This camera is IP66-waterproof certified.
  • It is dust-, sand-, and corrosion-proof.
  • It also has a password protection feature.
  • The TEC.BEAN Trail Camera has a two-inch color TFT LCD screen.
  • The camera also features five capture modes including, time lapse, photo, video, hybrid, and motion detection.
  • Its storage is up to 32GB SD card.
  • The camera can take up to 9,500 images with eight AA batteries.
  • Aside from batteries, the camera can also be powered by a 12V power supply.
  • It has a digital zoom of up to 4x.


  • It comes with a one-year warranty with refund/replacement.
  • The TEC.BEAN Trail Camera can also be used for wildlife researching and monitoring and as an outdoor security camera.
  • Unlike other trail cameras that have trigger delays, this one is true to its feature.
  • The camera takes very clear photos, even at night.
  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • The camera has several options for mounting.
  • The TEC.BEAN Trail Camera is truly waterproof.
  • The company has great customer service.
  • It is very easy to install.


  • The videos it takes are grainy.
  • The instruction manual is hard to understand.


The Moultrie M-40i Game Camera and TEC.BEAN Trail Camera are both able to take 1080p HD videos with audio recording. They also both have infrared flash and high trigger speeds. Moreover, both have a camouflage design so they can blend into their environment. They are similarly powered by eight AA batteries and have a memory of up to 32GB SD card. Lastly, both are able to take good quality photos and videos regardless of the time.

These trail cameras are dissimilar in so many ways, including their still-camera resolution. The Moultrie M-40i Game Camera takes 12-megapixel photos while the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera shoots 16-megapixel images. Although they both have warranties, the Moultrie M-40i Game Camera has a two-year warranty while the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera only has one. The Moultrie trail camera has a wireless mobile capability whereas the TEC.BEAN does not.

The TEC.BEAN trail camera has a colored TFT LCD screen, on the other hand, the Moultrie camera only has a 16×2 TN display. Finally, the TEC.BEAN camera is IP66-waterproof certified, while the Moultrie camera only has a water-resistant body.

These cameras can similarly take good quality photos and videos; therefore, they are both great products. But in terms of durability, the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera is a much better product because it is IP66-certified. However, if you are looking for a trail camera that is wirelessly capable, then the Moultrie M-40i Game Camera is the one you need.


The TEC.BEAN Trail Camerawill not disappoint you because it has the features you need for a good trail camera. It has good trigger sensors and a 32-piece infrared flash. Its IP66 waterproof certification is also worth noting. Furthermore, the camera has a password protection feature and five capture modes. Lastly and most important of all, the camera takes good quality photos and videos even at night.

Therefore, even if the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera has a couple of mishaps; we still recommend it because it can take good quality photos and videos.

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