ZenNutt 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera 12 MP Low Glow Infrared Night Vision Motion Review

ZenNutt 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera Review

If you are an avid hunter, your collection is not complete without a good trail camera. This is a device that helps you to scout your target and know where they hang out.

If you are new to trail cameras or are just looking for an upgrade, the ZenNutt 1080p HD trail camera is an excellent choice. This camera will blow your mind away with its great balance of all features.

It is an incredible gear that captures crisp, clean images and records stunning video. Just like any other ZenNutt camera, this model sports a large LCD and has fast detection speed. Its stands top in its echelon and perform superbly in all lighting conditions.


User-friendly design and setup

Although trail cameras rarely differ in design, the ZenNutt 1080p HD trail camera offers a unique camouflage design that ensures it remains unnoticeable by your target. Besides, the design is flawless, with a big, sturdy latch that provides added protection to the camera.

In addition, the camera has a user-friendly setup, with easy to master options and no complicated process. The gear comes with a single selector switch which helps you to set your ideal camera status in seconds.

Fast trigger speed

The trigger time of a camera is defined as the time between motion detection and when the images are captured. Most trail cameras are designed to be activated by the motion of the animal. The ZenNutt 1080p HD trail camera has a super-fast trigger speed between 0.8s and 1.2s.

In addition, the camera feature a 0s delay between its trigger and the fast fire continuous multi-shot feature. The impressive trigger speed ensures the camera takes photos almost instantly once it’s triggered. The camera records every action and ensures no shot is wasted.

Angle of detection

As aforementioned, trail cameras are activated by the movement of the animal. How effective the detection is, depends on the quality of detection sensors used. The ZenNutt 1080p HD trail camera features a state of the art multiple zone detection sensors. This is magnificent detection sensor that provides a 50-degree angle of detection.

The sensor offers a wide field of view which ensures the camera capture more movements, hence more images. The superior sensor coupled with the fast trigger time guarantee more strong and articulate shots of every animal that wanders in the vicinity of your camera.

Long battery life

The ZenNutt 1080p HD trail camera can be powered by 4, 8 or 12AA batteries. Besides, the camera is designed with incredibly low power consumption features. For this reason, it has a long battery life and is capable of operating for up to 12 months in standby mode. Moreover, you can attach an external DC 12 V power supply.

This gives you the freedom to strap the camera to tree and scout an area for long without worrying about dead power.

Powerful camera

A trail camera is not good enough if it’s not capable of taking crispy clear images. The quality of the images is hugely influenced by the camera’s resolution. This camera has a 12MP full-color resolution ensures high-quality lighting, color, and image clarity.

In addition, the camera features a 42-piece Infrared LED and an automatic IR filter for the night vision. The feature means the camera can capture clear images regardless of the time of the day or night.

Moreover, the camera is capable of recording 1080p full HD video with excellent audio recording capabilities. It gives you the freedom to program the length of the video you want to record.


  • Captures high-quality images during the day and night
  • Wide detection range
  • Infrared LED flash
  • Has a large LCD display
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Short flash range
  • Doesn’t come with an SD card


If you are looking for a quality trail camera to help you scout your target, look no further. The ZenNutt 1080p HD trail camera packs the nifty features of a high-end gear, but it’s reasonably priced.

The camera has a fascinating trigger speed (less than a second), which ensures every shot yields the desired result. With its 12MP resolution and 1080p full HD video capabilities, there is no denying that the camera is second to none in its class.

In addition, the camera features an IR LED flash that is stealthily designed and doesn’t disturb your targets in their natural habitat. The wide angle of detection is truly helpful; it ensures more shots which leads to excellent scouting.

This trail camera also has a large LCD display which enables you to easily view all the images and make the right decision (saving or deleting) promptly. Its long battery life means you will have a reliable companion when scouting the game.


How does this camera compare to one of its close competitor, the Moultrie A20 game camera? The models show some similarities. For instance, the cameras have 12MP image resolution and a user-friendly LCD screen.

Additionally, they have an exquisite camouflage design and are powered by either AA batteries or external DC power source. Moreover, their trigger speeds are equally good.

However, some features set them apart. The Moultrie model has a wireless mobile capability and a multiple image mode features not found in the ZenNutt model. On the other hand, the ZenNutt model exhibits its superiority in the features that matter most.

The latter is capable of recording 1080p full HD video and has incredible audio recording capability. In addition, the camera has a long battery life. But what impresses us most is the option to operate it with either 4, 8, or 12 AA batteries.


The balance between a reasonable and a wide spectrum of nifty features make this camera a low-risk investment. Barring any defect, the ZenNutt 1080p HD trail camera delivers superbly and its stealth built makes it a must-have gear for any hunter.

Although the market has a host of options, none, at such a low price, can match the performance of this trail camera. The camera is stealthily built to amplify your hunting skill, and it comes with a full year manufacturer warranty. This might be the missing part of your hunting jigsaw and should not hesitate to take the investment.

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